Green building – Ravenna

Inserted in a bio-construction project, the support of Fibre Net has been an added value to the restoration of a residential building in the historic center of Ravenna. The project, led by architect Alberto Gambi, aimed at restoring a two-story house that occupies two out of the five spans of a traditional early 20th-century structure located in the historic center of Ravenna.

Despite being in good condition, the building underwent renovation to give it a “new life,” combining the potential of eco-friendly construction and architectural elements from the early 20th century in a project aimed at structural improvement. The challenge was to create a balance between livability, energy efficiency, and architectural continuity.

To achieve this combination, architect Gambi chose to work exclusively with eco-friendly materials that offered “certified” ecological guarantees and ensured high construction performance. Therefore, great attention was paid to the selection of materials throughout the entire process, which became a focal point of the project.

According to the design, all building components had to be “natural” and ensure breathability and the absence of harmful emissions. For this reason, Fibre Net was chosen for masonry reinforcement.

Fibre Net’s fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) mesh was used in combination with consolidating plasters based on natural lime to reinforce the masonry walls. The choice of Fibre Net was based on its high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and thermal insulation properties.

FRP mesh is an optimal substitute for traditional steel reinforcements. Its non-magnetic properties do not interfere with the natural electromagnetic field and it does not emit harmful substances to human health. Moreover, its lightweight and reduced thickness allow for easy, fast, and cost-effective installation.

Fibre Net’s FRP mesh has proven to be a safe, effective solution capable of fulfilling the most challenging tasks, even in the field of bioconstruction. Its mechanical resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal stability, and cost-effectiveness make it the right solution for consolidation and restoration projects, including those with high historical and cultural value.


Green building – Ravenna


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