Soluzioni dedicate per settori edilizia e infrastrutture

Technical solutions for building and infrastructure

FIBRE NET produces certified products and systems for the maintenance, rehabilitation, securing and structural reinforcement of the built heritage.

FIbre Net
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Securing and Structural Reinforcement of Existing Buildings

Founded as a company to produce composites for building, today FIBRE NET offers specialised engineering services and assistance to the entire construction industry supply chain.


Infrastructure Technologies: when specialisation generates safety

Alongside innovative composite materials, we offer all-around solutions for the maintenance and rehabilitation of large-scale works.

FibreNet programma calcolo

Structural design software

Fibre Calc is the structural design software for the building industry from FIBRE NET. A software application designed to help structural designers, architects and engineers develop projects with our innovative solutions.


Industria Felix Award

FIBRE NET has been awarded the Industria Felix High Honors for its financial and managerial performance, an accolade reserved for companies deemed financially secure or safe according to the Cerved Group Score Impact.


R&D and Production Made in Italy

The ‘production heart’ in the Group’s architecture is FIBRE NET Spa, specialised for over 20 years in the development, engineering and production of composite systems and materials for structural reinforcement and seismic improvement, as well as mortars and special products for the rehabilitation and maintenance of large-scale works.Themes like safety and performance improvement, always respecting the structure construction characteristics, are the basis for the development of each FIBRE NET system and product. Particular attention is paid to issues of sustainability and environmental impact in the production process through:

  • quality control of products and processes
  • energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production processes
  • recyclable products
  • sustainable transport/yard logistics


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Pavia di Udine (UD)


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We develop reinforcement and earthquake protection systems

FIBRE NET is the benchmark for structural reinforcement, offering to structural engineers, institutions, and companies technically effective solutions to ensure excellence in seismic protection of buildings and infrastructure.

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Ricerca e sviluppo
Ricerca e sviluppo

Research and Development:
at the heart of FIBRE NET's commitment

Research activity makes FIBRE NET a benchmark in the national panorama of structural consolidation and is supported by 20% of the annual turnover, enabling a constant collaboration with many universities, national and foreign research institutes, and authoritative independent institutions.

The FIBRE NET - academic-world binomial has always been relevant. The main activities conducted over the years are still ongoing in collaboration with Engineering Departments and Laboratories of various universities. Important research campaigns have been conducted aimed at developing innovative products and systems. These synergies result in validation and certification activities for products and systems to support structural engineers, construction managers and clients in accordance with national and European standards.

The FIBRE NET Study Centre consists of different laboratories and research areas; state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation are made available to partners for the performance of tests, also on site, for the diagnosis of problems, and for mechanical and chemical characterisation of materials and application cycles.

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Assistenza tecnica

Assistance and consultancy services

We design every detail

Several teams with highly qualified multidisciplinary design and consultancy skills are at the disposal of structural designers, institutions and companies: the integration of engineering expertise and management skills allows them to intervene in large-scale civil and infrastructure projects.

Our services? Technical assistance from planning to contracting arriving to on-site implementation: feasibility analysis, structural design, work management optimisation, quality control, on-site testing, time and cost monitoring.

Technical Assistance

Vocational Training

Technical training is an important topic and a 'structural' part of FIBRE NET's DNA.

The commitment to disseminating the culture of composite materials is realised with in-house Academies, with conferences in cooperation with Professional Associations and, last but not least, with on-site training. The leitmotif of these activities dedicated to structural designers as much as to installers is the continuous exchange of ideas and skills, aimed at improving processes and products to meet regulatory and market requirements.

The jewel in the crown is the FIBRE NET Academy, dedicated to structural designers: these are sessions of high technical and scientific value in which professionals can deepen their knowledge of the technologies and the company, interspersed with convivial moments that contribute to consolidating professional relations with the Group.

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