Low-impact products, developed to reduce energy consumption, compatible and recyclable, easy to transport and handle.

Our commitment to the planet

FIBRE NET is committed to promoting environmental sustainability through energy-saving policies and ensuring a healthy working environment.

As a company aware of its responsibility towards the planet, we have decided to adopt a ‘go-green’ policy in all activities. This means using renewable energy, promoting recycling and the use of sustainable materials, reducing waste and making our employees aware of the importance of sustainable living.

  • Use of environmentally friendly systems, developed to reduce energy consumption both in production and in handling and use.
  • Products compatible with natural materials and suitable for use in green building.
  • Recyclable products, easy to transport and handle.

Sustainability is a strategic objective and a social responsibility for FIBRE NET Group, on a par with research and innovation. Low-energy production has a positive impact on the carbon footprint, also thanks to renewable sources such as the photovoltaic panels covering the roofs of the Group’s factories. Every product placed in the construction supply chain represents in itself an ethical and responsible choice, respectful of environmental protection.

Our commitment to the planet

FIBRE NET contributes to environmental sustainability by promoting energy-saving policies and emphasizing the importance of a healthy work environment through the use of low-impact systems that reduce energy consumption and are compatible with natural materials suitable for green applications. Each product is designed to be easy to transport and handle. The company operates with a certified quality management system, SGS ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, and an environmental management system, LL-C ISO 14001/UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, overseeing all stages of the production process.

Furthermore, in recent years, FIBRE NET has initiated an ongoing process of quantification and verification of its environmental impacts for the company's flagship products, in accordance with ISO 14025 standards, which define the principles and procedures for developing Type III Environmental Labels, or Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) documents.

The Photovoltaic Park

In order to contribute to a greener future and further reduce FIBRE NET's environmental impact, the production facilities are powered by a 400 kW photovoltaic plant, which will be expanded to cover 20,000 square metres to reach a capacity of 1 MW.

An investment that demonstrates great care and dedication to sustainability.

The Project

Surface area in m2


Total power

1 MegaWatt

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