Bridges and Viaducts

The preservation of an outdated infrastructure heritage made of bridges and viaducts, which are exposed to aggressive environments and high traffic loads, is indispensable in order to solve critical situations or simply cover its maintenance needs.



FIBRE NET is a partner specialised in providing technical solutions for tunnel rehabilitation and consolidation.


Innovative solutions for infrastructure

FIBRE NET GROUP brings together expertise in seismic engineering, production, service, research and testing in the service of transport and strategic infrastructure safety.

Over the last two decades, professional and dimensional growth has gone hand in hand with a commitment to spreading the culture of innovative composite materials. Today, the Group offers a 360° proposition in the field of maintenance, reinforcement and rehabilitation solutions for existing infrastructures.

In line with the objectives of the PNRR (the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan), FIBRE NET provides structural engineers, companies and institutions committed to making infrastructures safe and sustainable, a team of specialised technicians dedicated to large-scale works, able to guarantee technical assistance starting from the design stage, through the contracting process and up to the final yard operations.

Application Sectors

Expertise and cutting-edge technologies enable FIBRE NET to propose innovative, effective and high-performance solutions to guarantee the safety and reliability of bridges, viaducts and tunnels. The use of advanced and sustainable technologies for the maintenance and upgrading of even strategic infrastructures such as airports, ports, power plants and water supply networks helps to improve their performance and reduce their environmental impact.

FIBRE NET receives the Industria Felix award for financial and managerial performance.

FIBRE NET has been awarded the Industria Felix High Honors for its financial and managerial performance, an accolade reserved for companies deemed financially secure or safe according to the Cerved Group Score Impact.

"The financial sustainability that we are recognized for allows us to be reliable, alongside clients and customers, even in relation to significant contracts. For example, I think of infrastructure adaptation works or strategic interventions under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), which require partnerships with organized, financially solid, and stable industrial entities, with an open vision to the world and international markets.".

Cecilia Zampa

Beside you at every stage

FIBRE NET is a reliable and competent partner able to offer innovative solutions and technical support services to the entire construction industry involved in securing and rehabilitation infrastructure.


Proposals and assistance to institutions and structural designers for diagnostic operations on structures.

Structural Design

Identification and indication of application techniques and materials, assistance in the development of design solutions and specifications, assistance with testing.

Maintenance of the work

Assistance in the drafting of a programme of interventions aimed at the maintenance of the work.


Rapid development of technical proposals, including improvements, on the basis of applicable specifications.


Support in the identification of materials and systems, work steps, costs and incidences of various items. Formulation of economic offers.


Technical inspections, application assistance and training, document support.

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Environmental Certifications

FIBRE NET contributes to environmental sustainability by promoting energy-saving policies and emphasizing the importance of a healthy work environment through the use of low-impact systems that reduce energy consumption and are compatible with natural materials suitable for green applications. Each product is designed to be easy to transport and handle. The company operates with a certified quality management system, SGS ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, and an environmental management system, LL-C ISO 14001/UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, overseeing all stages of the production process.

Furthermore, in recent years, FIBRE NET has initiated an ongoing process of quantification and verification of its environmental impacts for the company's flagship products, in accordance with ISO 14025 standards, which define the principles and procedures for developing Type III Environmental Labels, or Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) documents.

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Masonry Infrastructure: the Seismic Improvement Project of a Bridge – CRM and FRP systems

InfrastructureBridges and Viaducts

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InfrastructureBridges and Viaducts

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