It is not just an academic moment where the structural engineer enters the company to attend “lectiones magistralis”. Before visiting the factories, in fact, he has the opportunity to dive into the company DNA through the FIBRE NET Study Centre, the beating heart of the Group’s Research & Development.

FIBRE NET Academy is a technically and humanly rewarding experience.

“I am writing to you after the exciting experience of the Academy, where I happily made my debut earlier this month.
First and foremost, my heartfelt congratulations for the excellence of the reality you have created: an excellence that I perceived and experienced firsthand – on Saturday, in the most concrete sense of a composite UPN profile – in every single moment of those days, not to mention the evenings.
Right after, but purely for chronological reasons, my deepest appreciation for the human and technical depth that you radiate even towards someone like me, who until then had only heard about you two, Cecilia and Andrea, even indirectly through the quality of the products or technical support that FIBRE NET provides.
Last but not least, my sincerest gratitude for everything I have learned, not forgetting the exquisite professionalism of the entire FIBRE NET team.”

Ing. Silvano Lacavalla

“I wanted to thank you for the invitation to the technical meeting that you organized with great professionalism. Attending both days of work allowed me to enhance my technical knowledge in an increasingly complex field and to transfer it to my clients. Thanks again for the clarity of the speakers and the professionalism of the entire FIBRE NET team.”

Dott. Ing. Alberto Grandi

“Competence, professionalism, and courtesy were the backdrop to a fascinating and educational professional experience, perfectly organized and enhanced by the company of wonderful colleagues.”

Ing. Giuseppe Gesualdi

“Participating in the Academy promoted by Fibre Net was an experience worth repeating and recommending to all professionals in the structural field. The opportunity to visit the production facility of the innovative materials manufactured by the company and the chance to interact with experienced colleagues were definitely positive aspects of the participation. However, the most important aspect was the contagious enthusiasm of the company owners and their employees, which I believe encouraged all participants to venture into the future and apply the new structural intervention technologies proposed by Fibre Net.”

Ing. Massimo D’Aquino

“I attended the Fibre Net Academy in November 2022 in Udine, and I am very satisfied. The presentations were all carried out with attention, accuracy, and professionalism. I admired the communication skills of Cecilia and Andrea Zampa, and the effectiveness and efficiency of their team in supporting specialized professionals in structural reinforcement design. Thank you for allowing us to visit the company, and congratulations on the organization and vision.”

Architect Luigi Scaramuzzino

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