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Development and production in Italy of certified solutions and systems for structural rehabilitation, seismic upgrading and improvement, and securing the existing building and infrastructure heritage.

The structural reinforcement specialists, the excellence in earthquake protection

The structural reinforcement specialists, the excellence in earthquake protection

FIBRE NET means specialised engineering, production, service, research and experimentation, serving building and infrastructure safety.
For over 20 years, it has specialised in the development, engineering and production of composite systems and materials for structural reinforcement and seismic improvement, as well as mortars and special products for the rehabilitation and maintenance of main structures in transportation network.


We give shape to ideas, safety to your projects

Themes such as safety, performance improvement while respecting the construction characteristics of the structures are at the basis of the development of all our systems and products. This can be seen in works carried out on buildings in the post-earthquake reconstruction, in the reinforcement of protected heritage such as the Sagrada Familia and the Pinacoteca di Siena, and in the rehabilitation of Major Works such as the Molise 2 viaduct.

FIBRE NET was chosen for its expertise in developing certified design solutions and systems that always meet the needs of every player in the construction supply chain, guaranteeing innovation, trust and reliability.

These principles form the foundation on which FIBRE NET’s social responsibility is built, acting as a specialised partner for its stakeholders.

We contribute to environmental sustainability by promoting energy-saving policies and supporting the importance of a healthy working environment using low environmental impact systems that reduce energy consumption, and solutions that are compatible with natural materials and suitable for ‘green’ uses. Each product is designed to be easy to transport and handle. The company operates with an EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system controlling all stages of the production process.

The services of FIBRE NET

  • Research & Development
  • Flexibility and customisation
  • Technology and in-house production
  • Project support
  • Technical and documentary support
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Today, the FIBRE NET GROUP is a dynamic reality constantly striving for excellence. Constant investments in R&D, a prominent level of competitiveness and constant growth in terms of knowledge and productivity allow the company to develop technologically advanced products and systems in fiber-reinforced composite materials that are widely used in more than 30 countries worldwide.
Our professional and dimensional growth has gone hand in hand with our commitment to spreading the culture of innovative composite materials. Today, the Group can offer an all-round proposition in the securing and rehabilitation of the built heritage.
The history of FIBRE NET began in 2001 with a vision: to develop an entirely new product not yet on the market, a GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) mesh. The best-seller Ri- Struttura was born, the evolved answer to classic electrowelded iron grids.
The challenge continues with the conception and realisation of the technology necessary to produce it, the actual creation of a market for the finished product, through to testing, validation and certification.
The Group aims to be a cultural example for research and excellence, a front-line in offering original and innovative solutions, a 'guarantor' for its products and a sponsor for partnerships in Italy and abroad.

The Group's philosophy is based on a participative experience that makes it more structured, high-performing, competitive and able to face global markets with professional methods every day.
Underlying the Group's core values are a focus on quality and a service orientation towards customers. The commitment of the entire team is aimed at continuous professional growth to promote innovation, trust and reliability. The Group stands as a cultural example for research and excellence, a front-line in offering original and innovative solutions, a 'guarantor' for its products and an 'endorsement' for partnerships in Italy and abroad.

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Building and Infrastructure sector

FIBRE NET, started with the development of certified composite products and systems, completes the supply chain with mortars and products for the rehabilitation, consolidation, repair, finishing and protection of concrete and masonry.

Safety and respect for construction characteristics are at the heart of the development of every product and system, whether it is designed for structural rehabilitation, seismic upgrading or securing the existing building and infrastructure heritage.

Industrial Sector

The P-TREX brand identifies GFRP solutions capable of responding to all customer requirements in terms of design and production of simple or customised structures.

Structures, gratings and fences are used as an improved replacement for conventional materials in sectors like water purification and treatment, mobility, oil & gas and, more generally, where exposure to aggressive agents requires durable, high-performance solutions.

Airport Sector

Into the Group's architecture, under the FibreFENCE brand name, special, strong fences are produced meeting the requirements of frangibility and radio transparency prescribed in sensitive areas of airports.

FibreFENCE is a well-known brand among professionals worldwide, both in the civil and military sectors.

An idea, a passion, an ever-evolving story

The first few years of activity were characterised by the desire to define and develop both technically and economically a completely innovative product with significant competitive potential: a composite material of the FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) type to be used in structural reinforcement and seismic improvement of existing buildings and structures. The continuous growth and evolution of FIBRE NET is a sign of major changes such as acquisitions, updating of products and services as well as an approach to new markets worldwide through collaborations with specialists in the sector.


An innovative idea

The siblings Cecilia and Andrea Zampa founded FIBRE NET with an ambitious idea: to develop an innovative product, a glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) mesh to be used in structural consolidation and seismic improvement of buildings and infrastructure.



The best-selling "RI-STRUTTURA" system was launched: an evolved solution compared to the classic electrowelded grids and representing a major challenge in a conservative market such as the construction industry.
Over the years, the RI-STRUTTURA system has been joined by other consolidation systems, developed and engineered for the improvement and seismic upgrading of infrastructure and historic buildings.


Collaborations with the academic world begin

The first mechanical characterisation of meshes was carried out at the Material Testing Laboratories of the Malignani Technical Institute in Udine, while 2004-2005 saw the first contacts with the academic world through the first mechanical and durability test campaigns organised with the University of Salento.


In-house laboratories are born

The first chemistry and mechanics laboratories are set up within the company.


FIBRE NET solutions are used in buildings affected by L'Aquila earthquake

L'Aquila Earthquake marked an increased commitment for FIBRE NET in the production of the CRM RI-STRUTTURA system, which ensured the securing and structural reinforcement of many earthquake-affected buildings. In the same period, collaborations with numerous other universities began.


The New Headquarters

FIBRE NET moves into the first core plant in Pavia di Udine. Thanks to large investments in technology, a new production cycle is set up so that increased demand from the market can be met with high levels of efficiency.

2015 - 2019

Expanding the offer and division into three Business Units

Thanks to a series of acquisitions of companies that were initially satellites to the company, the Group enriched its specialised know-how and production lines, allowing the opening of different business units dedicated to the various areas of interest.

• FIBRE NET for the building and infrastructure sector
• FibreFENCE for the airport sector
• P-TREX for the industrial sector


New production sites

More than twenty years after its birth, the Group's architecture is enriched by further new acquisitions, so much so that the factories in Udine triple in size while two other new production hubs are established, one in the north-west and one in central Italy.


Continuing R&D efforts to offer innovative solutions

The Group continues on its development path thanks to investments aimed at further enhancing its products through research and development activities and rationalising production processes to offer innovative and high-performance solutions.

Our headquarters

FIBRE NET Spa mainly manages its production cycle at its production sites in Pavia di Udine (UD). Thanks to the technological investments made, the company is able to handle orders with high levels of efficiency.
In addition to the production sites and areas used for management, commercial and administrative activities, a large area is dedicated to chemical and mechanical research and testing laboratories and training activities.


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To achieve excellence, we promote a positive and collaborative working environment, where everyone can fulfil each own potential.

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