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Anti-seismic Devices

Born from FIBRE NET’s 20 years of experience in seismic upgrading and retrofitting, the SAFE+ anti-seismic devices have been developed and engineered in compliance with EN 15129 standard, as seismic safety devices on existing precast reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete constructions.

SAFE+ systems, having the dual function of mechanical connection between structural and non-structural elements and dissipation of seismic energy, create a ‘dynamic constraint’ between the elements, improving the structure’s ability to respond to seismic stress while maintaining the building’s functional operability.

The recent earthquakes in Italy have highlighted the vulnerability of prefabricated reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete buildings, mostly intended for industrial activities, designed and built without the application of special anti-seismic criteria between 1950 and 2000.

These structures are not more adequate to the new required safety criteria.

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Seismic vulnerability translates, from a business perspective, into a number of risks:

  • destruction of production facilities and machinery
  • loss of stock
  • production stoppage, loss of orders and market share
  • total or partial loss of the property
  • loss of company assets.

In addition to this, there is also a social responsibility and responsibility towards workers. In fact, Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008 identifies seismic risk as one of those to be included in the so called D.V.R. (Document for Risk Evaluation) and places an obligation on the employer to protect workers in the company.



Application and economic advantages

In an application aimed at increasing the safety of industrial warehouses, the adoption of SAFE+ anti-seismic devices is an effective solution that does not interfere with ongoing production activities because:

  • Does not require structural changes to the building but maintains its original static pattern and rigidity
  • Improves the seismic capacity of the structure
  • It is quick and easy to install with minimal production of dust or fumes
  • It is programmable for independent areas, without interfering with existing activity
  • In the event of an earthquake, unlike other devices, SAFE+ does not have to be replaced, but simple maintenance will be sufficient to restore full system functionality
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • (plant, machinery, materials)
  • Provides an enhancement of the property
  • Allows a reduction in insurance premiums
  • Reduces the risk of accidents related to building inadequacy
  • Preserves the health of staff and activities
  • Allows the access to “Sismabonus” incentives

What happens in the event of an earthquake?

The loss of support of the horizontal structures from the supporting elements (by slipping or tilting) is one of the most frequent causes of damage and/or collapse of precast reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete buildings; this phenomenon is due to the lack or ineffectiveness of the mechanical constraints between elements such as:

  • covering and beams
  • beams and pillars
  • beams – pillars structure and infill walls

Perdita dell’appoggio della trave


Ribaltamento della trave


Ribaltamento del tamponamento


Perdita dell’appoggio del tegolo

Where do SAFE+ seismic dissipators apply?

The purpose of SAFE+ devices is to guarantee an effective dynamic constraint between structural and non-structural elements that, in the event of an earthquake, guarantees safe conditions for workers and property in the structure. Their choice and positioning is the result of a careful assessment of the structural characteristics and vulnerability points of the building.

Below you find some examples of different types of industrial buildings with the corresponding hypotheses for application


Struttura monopiano con travi di copertura reticolari


Struttura monopiano con travi reticolari ad arco


Struttura monopiano con copertura piana con elementi a forma alare


Struttura monopiano con copertura piana discontinua

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Reducing the seismic vulnerability of prefabricated structures with the new SAFE+ anti seismic devices


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