Research & Development

FIBRE NET invests 20% of its annual turnover in research and experimentation.

"When we think of a product or a system, we do not limit ourselves to the application for which it was born, but we continue to test, to certify, to understand those other expressions that may be in order to best meet the needs of the market. Our determination is only matched by our commitment."


Andrea Zampa

Collaborations with the academic world

The FIBRE NET - academic world binomial has always been relevant; we conduct numerous collaborations with Italian and foreign universities, at various levels regarding different projects and experiments. The main research activities have been carried out over the years in collaboration with engineering departments and laboratories of various universities and are still ongoing. With them, important research campaigns have been conducted, aimed at the development of innovative products and systems capable of satisfying needs coming mainly from different fields of traditional building: from the reinforcement of structures made of 'modern' materials such as concrete, to the seismic protection and improvement of buildings and structures of high artistic and historical value.

The Italian projects of the last period were developed particularly with the ENEA and ITC-CNR research centres, the Universities of Trieste, ROMA3, La Sapienza, IUAV, as well as Bologna, Perugia, Salento, Camerino and Catania Universities. These synergies result in validation and certification activities for products and systems to support structural engineers, construction managers and clients attesting national and European standards compliance.

FIBRE NET Research and Development and Study Centre

The research activity that today makes it a reference point in the national panorama of structural consolidation is supported by 20% of annual turnover. This enables constant collaboration with distinguished academics, numerous universities, national and foreign research institutes as well as authoritative independent bodies.

FIBRE NET has structured its R&D activities around the FIBRE NET Research Centre, having several laboratories and areas dedicated to research. State-of-the-art technologies and instrumentation are often made available to partners for carrying out tests, also on-site, for diagnosing problems, and for the mechanical and chemical characterisation of materials and systems. In-house laboratories have specific equipment for analysing resins, fibers and their compounds to determine their mechanical and durability characteristics. They are equipped with instrumentation for thermal and thermogravimetric analysis, ageing, climatic and salt spray chambers, as well as a wide range of equipment for measuring the stresses applied to specimens or reinforced structures and related deformations, which are recorded by means of data acquisition units and the latest generation of software applications.

A team of chemical and structural engineers is dedicated to R&D activities and mainly engaged in the development of new products, as well as in support activities for the design of new production technologies.

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