LIFE+ System

Bottom-spalling protection

LIFE+ is the system for securing concrete, steel or timber slabs subjected to the phenomenon of detachment of elements such as portions of plaster or blocks known as ‘bottom-spalling’.

LIFE+ foresees the application of preformed meshes made of glass fibers and thermosetting resins fixed on the joists at the intrados of the floor by means of specifically dimensioned structural connection systems, obtaining an effective containment of the elements subject to detachment. Once the floor has been secured, the system can be left exposed, plastered or covered with a false ceiling.

Made in italy

Securing of ceilings made of brick, wood, steel due to:

  • Design faults
  • Weak quality of materials and workmanship
  • Insufficient maintenance of the work
  • Applied loads

The low weigth of materials, the availability of the meshes in rolls of up to 100 m2 that are easy to handle, and the relative rigidity of the materials, allow for quick and easy installation, applying mortar in manual or automatic mode in a single layer and without the need to work ‘fresh on fresh’. The result is a reduction in time and laying costs and improved site management.

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  • Reversibility of the application
  • High mechanical strength
  • Designed for different ceiling types
  • Non magnetic and radiolucent
  • Simple installation
  • Transpiration of masonry
  • Free of corrosion
  • Reaction-to-fire class A2
  • Eco-friendly system
  • Tested and certified system
  • Lightweight and low thickness reinforcement

Uses of LIFE+ System

Securing of slabs and buildings susceptible to ‘bottom-spalling’ The term ‘slab bottom-spalling’ is used to...

Securing of slabs and buildings susceptible to ‘bottom-spalling’
The term ‘slab bottom-spalling’ is used to indicate the breaking and detachment of clay hollow blocks used in the construction of floor/roof slabs. This phenomenon represents a risk to people’s safety: it is sufficient to remember that the sudden collapse of a portion of the ceiling involves the detachment of approximately 25 ÷ 40 kg/m2 of material, up to 90 kg/m2 in the most important cases.

It affects almost half of the schools and public buildings in Italy and, in general, buildings constructed between the 1940s and 1970s, and is linked to errors in design, execution, choice of materials, changes in the static conditions of the floor, environmental conditions and the lack of an adequate maintenance plan.

Some signs should not be underestimated:

  • plaster cracks
  • signs of surface degradation (swelling, seepage, etc.)
  • partial detachments, even small ones

The LIFE+ system is an easy-to-use solution where fast and effective securing of floor soffits of any type is required.

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