EX Ospedali Riuniti of Bergamo New Headquarters for the Italian Finance Police National Academy

Innovative techniques and materials for static reinforcement and seismic improvement: intervention with CRM RI-STRUTTURA system by FIBRE NET

The recovery underway at Ex Ospedali Riuniti in Bergamo, being one of the biggest public retrofitting sites of Northern Italy, is an interesting case for dimensions, architectural features and public investment allocated.

Due to the huge dimensions of the site, the project has been splitted into lots; at the end of the renewal work, the complex will host the New Academy and the Operational Command of Italian Finance Police.

Although the original hospital unit dates back to 1400, the current conformation shows valuable architectural solutions typical of the Italian public buildings of late ‘800 – beginning ‘900,

The complex,  covering an area of about 150.000 square meters, was built around 1927 as a unitary project consisting of majestic blocks of buildings aimed at forming a large central garden area between two lateral courtyards.

The retrofitting  of existing buildings, aimed at adapting the former pavilions to the functional needs of the new Finance Police Academy, involves punctual changes in the layout aimed to maintain the original plans and perspectives.

From a structural point of view, because of static deficiencies revealed during a seismic vulnerability evaluation, the intervention includes also a static reinforcement and a seismic improvement of the buildings.

The preformed mesh made of fiberglass and thermosetting resins (99x99mm mesh) is laid on the surface and connected transversally through fiberglass connectors ensuring an excellent collaboration between reinforcement and wall support, thus improving the mechanical characteristics of the whole structure.

Static reinforcement and seismic improvement with Fibre Net CRM RI-STRUTTURA System.

 The retrofitting of existing buildings, and the change in the intended use, required appropriate interventions in compliance with the current law both on structure and on plant side. The works consist both in a seismic improvement of the structure and local intervention.

Due to the largeness of the architectural complex, the intervention has been made through three different lots, executed in subsequent sequences. The first lot concerned the structural works on the left curtain of the complex, the second the right part and the third will be the central one.

The technique of reinforced plaster CRM (Composite Reinforced Mortar) with Fibre Net RI-STRUTTURA system  has been selected  and applied for the seismic improvement of about the 90% of the buildings perimeter walls, amounting to a total quantity of about 30.000

RI-STRUTTURA system consists of mesh, corner elements and connectors all made of preformed fiber – reinforced materials G.F.R.P. (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer), applied through a lime – based mortar plaster.

The masonry surface, free from the old low-value existing plaster, is then brushed and washed in order to accomodate the reinforcing system properly; then the GFRP mesh and accessories are applied and covered through a properly dimensioned mortar. The  result is a widespread structural improvement of existing masonry, which achieves high mechanical and ductile properties and a negligible increase in the structural stiffness.  Even in the presence of chemically aggressive mortars such as lime based, the high durability is guaranteed. The low weight and thicknesses, as well as the high breathability and compatibility, allows RI-STRUTTURA to be used on historical and bound masonry

The GFRP connectors , applied  on the entire wall surface through a specific chemical anchoring , are placed at a regular distance,  according to the design prescription.  The system is completed by preformed corner reinforcement which assures the suitable constancy of mechanical performances on all the masonry.


The reinforcement is completed through  a layer of plaster based on NHL hydraulic lime





Building of new Headquarters for the Italian Finance Police National Academy
Requalification and retrofitting intervention of the Ex Ospedali Riuniti
Location Largo Barozzi, 1 – Bergamo
Contractor C.M.B. Company Muratori e Braccianti (Carpi, MO)
Executing company F.LLI B.SYSTEMS (Cadelbosco, RE)




EX Ospedali Riuniti of Bergamo New Headquarters for the Italian Finance Police National Academy


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