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Viaduct Franco: requalification

A focus on the intervention techniques adopted for the extraordinary maintenance of the ANAS road network infrastructure, aimed at improving safety conditions and traffic flow.

Franco Viaduct, located along the RA05 between p.k. 20+498÷20+115 in the territory of Vietri di Potenza (PZ), is undergoing demolition and reconstruction of the decks, as well as localized repairs of abutments, piers, and piers along the Salerno direction.

The viaduct is part of the project “R.A. 05 and S.S. 407. Salerno-Potenza-Bari road corridor with Basentana extension: R.A. 05 and S.S. 407 – Route requalification works – 1st section: 2nd lot R.A. 05 – Improvement of traffic conditions and local repairs of structures from km 20+115 to km 20+498 towards Salerno.”

The viaduct consists of two independent decks with similar and parallel abutments and piers, each with a carriageway for each direction. It is composed of 13 equal spans, with a total length of 385.00 m.

The new deck is made of a metal structure with three double “T” beams, welded together, and a concrete slab on top. It has a total width of 9.50 m and is supported by rectangular hollow single-cell piers and thin-walled abutments. The roadway has a pavement width of 8.50 m, and there are visible expansion joints with reinforced rubber pavement.

To address the identified issues, the requalification project includes the replacement of the entire deck, the upper refurbishment of the piers, replacement of bearing devices, waterproofing of the slabs, water management (drains and downpipes), and the restoration of elevated structures (abutments, piers, and piers).


Viaduct Franco: requalification


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