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Concrete restoration works for the Atrani bridge

Extraordinary maintenance works on the S.S. 163 "Amalfitana", from km 30+600 to km 30+700, with structural reinforcement systems and restoration products by Fibre Net

The Atrani bridge falls within the aforementioned initiatives. Situated on the Amalfi Coast, it is an example of Romanesque architecture. Built in the 10th century and recently subject to interventions to preserve its structural integrity, it is an important element of the landscape and a historic symbol for the local community.


With its intricate system of arches, which adds to the charm of the entire site of houses perched on rocky spurs, it ranks 21st on the list of the 30 most beautiful bridges in Italy compiled by the travel portal SkyScanner. It presents itself as a panoramic straight road perched on the sea, connecting the two hilly sides of the town and allowing the S.S. 163 to reach Amalfi.


The continuous exposure to the salty environment, combined with the heavy volume of traffic passing through this structure every day, has contributed to the deterioration of the artwork. After careful diagnostic investigations, it underwent extraordinary maintenance interventions.


Designed as a single-span bridge consisting of five beams connected by a 20 cm thick cast-in-place concrete slab, the bridge required concrete restoration, structural reinforcement of its elements, waterproofing, and improvement of the deck.


The intervention was planned in a way to minimize the impact on vehicular traffic during the construction works. The sequence of activities was optimized to ensure safety and continuity of traffic during the works.

Concrete restoration works for the Atrani bridge


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